Useful Highway Engineering Software

The list gives the useful highway engineering software, these are:

  • Geotechnical software GEO5 – This is a package of programs to help highway engineers and other related fields designed to solve different geotechnical problems. Its individual programs are easy-to-use that comes with an integrated user-friendly interface. Every program will help you analyze various geotechnical tasks but you need all modules to create an integrated suite. GEO5 has the capability to solve various tasks such as Foundations design, Finite Element Method, Sheet pile wall, Retaining wall design, Underground structures, Soil Settlement and many more.
  • 3D Nature’s World Construction Dumpsters Set – It provides the user of a photorealistic cartography in 3D terrain visualization, civil engineering, architecture, land planning, forestry and golf.
  • 3D Structural Modelling Software – This software deals with parametric modelling, design, drawing, analysis system that is AutoCAD based for structural engineers. The software comes with a program description that has downloadable videos. Also, it offers online technical support and orders.
  • Archon Engineering – They are the makers of mechanical and civil engineering software that specializes in analysis tools about finite element.
  • ASCAD – A software that is very useful for land surveyors and civil engineers that automates the production rule’s implementation for laying out the drawings of civil engineering.
  • ARTS Hydraulic – This software deals about a package of graphical hydraulic design. It covers water/wastewater treatment design, water hammer, pipe networks and open channel flow.
  • Autodesk Civil – It builds an Autodesk Land Desktop equipped with tools that can automate tasks of civil engineering and enhance project collaboration in the fields of transportation engineering, hydraulics, hydrology and site development.
  • AutoTURN – This software is based on CAD for the simulation of vehicle maneuvers in terms of transportation design.
  • BOSS International – They are the maker of civil engineering software for surface water, groundwater and terrain modelling. Also, it includes applications for water treatment and hydrology.
  • CAiCE Software Corporation – They make software of automation tools for civil engineering like civil design, survey, drainage engineers and construction.

This set of software will be of great help for people in the highway engineering industry.

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