Transportation Highway Engineers

You may be familiar with other fields of engineering but when you hear about transportation highway engineers, you may ask: What do transportation highway engineers do? Why do you need them? You seek the expertise of a transportation highway engineer so that he can help you with some planning applications like Transport Statement, Transport Assessment, Travel Plan, Transport Scoping Study, Detailed Design work, Road Safety Audit. Also, other expertise of highway engineers is the creation of feasibility studies about the potential access arrangements, design of a car park or service area, supervision of highway works and other related areas. All of these things are the job description of transport highway engineers.

The role of a transport highway engineer starts with the development of the proposal in areas of local road network, increasing pedestrian and traffic movement, additional public transport or the simple formation of a new road or highway. All of these things are addressed by a transport highway engineer.

In the planning stage until the creation of proposals, a transport highway engineer plays an integral part in the conceptualization phase until the design’s feasibility. Generally, the development of roads and highways is composed of a project team. The Town Planner is in-charge for the principles of land use, the Architect will take charge of the design concept while the Highway Engineer is involved in the practicalities of access that are cost effective for all travel modes, assess the sustainability of existing infrastructure, servicing and parking arrangements and creation of detailed design for onsite and offsite engineering works.

Also, there are other issues that transport highway engineers must look into. They are:

  • Data on road traffic accident
  • Surveys of parking, pedestrian and vehicle
  • Surveys of highway or specific junction
  • Data on Public Right of Way, Public Highway, Highway Adoption and Regulation Orders
  • Information about utility service.
  • Access for trucks, dumpsters, fueling trucks, and utility vehicles.

The scope of work of a transport highway engineer is detailed and complex. For this, he must be equipped with skills and knowledge to perform all the tasks explained above.

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