Traffic And Highway Engineering Solutions: Mobile GIS

The technology of mobile GIS is one of the traffic and highway engineering solutions because it saves time for maintenance of transportation and crew inspection. It can collect and update information coming from remote places. Through the use of GIS and GPS enabled devices, field personnel can accurately collect information and update databases in real time.

The mobile GIS can track assets and resources in real time, as a result, the database can respond quickly to various incidents that need immediate attention. Also, the databases can manage mobile resources more effectively because they can view the location of the specific inspection crew or any work on the map. In effect, the databases can deploy resources immediately at any time.

In addition, through mobile GIS and GPS, significant gains in productivity are achievable through optimization of scheduling, inspection teams and routing maintenance. These factors do not only increase productivity but can result in significant savings in fuel. The integrated management system of work order, scheduling software and routing gives highway managers to direct mobile workforces more efficiently. With this, it can be ensured that the resources are fully utilized in the most efficient manner.

When using the mobile GIS, your existing data and systems can be integrated. So when you plan to use mobile GPS, your current data and systems will not be wasted as they can be integrated. It can advance the ability in building applications for the enterprise and bringing of information together like traffic counts, accident statistics and pavement conditions into one application. This single application can be the source to analyze complex information of the traffic and highway engineering.

The GIS software emphasizes that the integration and interoperability are easy with the presence of commercial solutions. For instance, you can take advantage of the existing CAD data by integrating it into the GIS software and they can be used as blue-line drawings and built surveys into the environment that maintains correct spatial characteristics.

The mobile GIS can deliver powerful spatial analytics that allow the user to gain intelligence and discover patterns to understand the travel behaviors better and perform analysis of any accidents. The detailed GIS map is one essential factor that can easily convey the public as well as the decision makers.

Today, modern roadways are very complex, in order to manage them effectively, highway managers must have a wide array of technologies like systems for computerized traffic control, safety and incident management. These systems will help highway managers improve maintenance and planning activities.

Finally, the government must always look for ways and means to find solutions to make the roads and highways safe for the riding public.

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