Top-Selling Highway Engineering Handbook

Today, highway engineering handbook is readily available in bookstores and online stores. However, the handbook comes with different authors and the readers and buyers are confused which among the countless handbooks to purchase. To help you, the list below gives the top-selling highway engineering handbook.

Highway Engineering Handbook

By: Roger Brockenbrough

This handbook is a comprehensive guide of highway engineering, fully updated and includes the latest codes of AASHTO. What is inside the handbook?

Improving and maintaining the infrastructure projects of the nation are two of the most challenging tasks of the US, with their main focus is on building bridges and highways. This is the third edition of the author that provides a broad coverage of standards, information and technics needed for cost-conscious and effective contemporary design, replacement, maintenance and repair of highways. This trusted handbook has been updated to show the latest standards, policies and codes of the AASHTO including the new developments in the engineering industry. It is filled with schematics, photos, tables, design equations and illustrations. Also, this authoritative reference is very important for someone who is involved in the study of highway engineering. The new information provided in this third edition handbook is the following:

  • The latest resistance and load factor design methods for bridges
  • The most current improvements and design technics for pipe materials
  • Improvements in terms of safety systems

The Handbook Of Highway Engineering

Author: T. F. Fwa

This handbook gives an overall up-to-date, comprehensive and engineering treatment of highway development. It has three sections that deal about the consideration of environmental and socio-economic designs, maintenance, construction and management. Also, this handbook has been recognized all over the world because it is developed by T.F. Twa, a renowned authority. The trends explained are not only applicable for developed nations but includes all others. This handbook explores the additional responsibilities of highway engineers together with the increasing trend of privatization and financing of project development.

These two authors of the highway engineering handbook are trusted worldwide because they provide all the necessary tools needed for the management of the entire process of highway engineering and development.

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